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Mercedes Barcessat
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Miembro 1

Cantidad de envíos : 93
Edad : 72
Localización : Perth Western Australia
Fecha de inscripción : 23/09/2009

MensajeTema: MON AMI, MY FRIEND, MON AMOUR   Mar Ago 31 2010, 13:44


Mon ami, my friend, mon amour

Mon ami, I sing you this simple song
just a little something for you to remember
bring yourself, come along
to the gathering of the elders..

We will sing and dance to the tune
of the ukulele and the dangling chimes
by the light of the silvery moon
playing and joggling with the rhymes.

My friend come, share with us in joy
all are sitting in the porch
some smoking the pipe others telling stories
July the little one is running with a torch
trying to catch some fairies.

The sweet scent of the meadows
carried by the fresh breeze
lingers in the air like floating halos
while in the shadows hide the pixies.

Granny has fallen a sleep lulled by the music
grandpa is watching her with a tender look.
July listen to her snoring, amazed
eyes widely opened following in tune.

Mon amour, join me on the grass
I have spread a carpet of beautiful dreams
fluffy and delicate to snuggle in
soft romantic and fragrant bluegrass.

Come, lay with me my sweet love
lets cuddle a little closer and make love
under the tender eyes of the blue moon
entwined in shiny velvet rose bloom.

We swirl around and mix our scents
sweet breath and tangy taste
tongues crawling up and around
pearly sweat rolling down.

Climbing our body up and down
we reach high to touch the sky
trembling like willow tree
you nestled me on your knee.

Under the light of the silvery moon
you drink the nectar of the gods
the milk and honey that gives life
kept in the sacred chalice of desire.

Locked tightly in an embrace
we enter the temple of sacred intimacy
to perform the mating dance
and rejoice with divine glory.

Merche DemBar


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